Industries & Uses: ShoulderSink

Whether it's a profession or a recreation - if you're on the move all the time and need frequent handwashing, the ShoulderSink is your solution. 

Construction Workers
On the road, on crowded construction sites, on infrastructure projects, sanitation and running water is not always easily accessible.

Hand hygiene is a must in between visit, after a seeing an animal in the field, for example. Soap, water, paper and disinfectant is the gold standard for handhygiene.

Clean hands after a dirty job – and before you meet the next client. Electricians, technicians, plumbers, chimney sweepers, floor layers - you name it!

Dust, dirt, oil, manure and chemicals. Few trades are more diverse or dirty. With a ShoulderSink accessible, you can save time and get the job done faster.

Hunting & Fishing 
Whether dealing with game meat or bait, it's always helpful to be able to wash your hands in the wild. The Khaki option is even perfect for camouflaging into landscapes.

Working away from sanitation and civilization, ShoulderSink offers handhygiene for the whole team on demand.


When away from danger zones, a quick handwash is often necessary while on the job. Easily fits in firetrucks and other team vehicles. 

Pest Controllers
Hand hygiene is a critical issue when both bacteria, vira and normal dust and dirt is all around.